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Hoops and Fashion

ClipperWidow's friend RedSilvia (who happens to be my favorite knit blogger on the entire interwebs) was visiting this weekend.  We had the pleasure of watching the Clippers - Wolves game together: pleasure for ClipperWidow and RedSilvia in watching my mounting anguish in the fourth quarter.  Here's a sample quote from ClipperWidow: "They really should stop complaining about the refs and play some basketball or they're going to lose."  Thanks for that, hon.

The pleasure for me was in seeing the game from a completely different perspective.  Sil works in fashion, and I might never have noticed MDSr's pocket puff (an important element in my breakthrough analysis of his coaching style) were it not for her.  Among her other observations:

  • Shaun Livingston wears really tall socks.  She's a little obsessed with this one, wondering where a 6'7" person can find socks that tall.  It is true that his socks would be one legged tights on a normal person.
  • Shaun Livingston must spend a lot of time on his hair.  I explained that indeed he does.
  • She misses the comedic value of Kaman's mullet, but would get over it if he'd gotten his new haircut somewhere other than Fantastic Sam's.  (For my part, I'm not sure whether he went to Fantastic Sam's or used a time machine to visit Floyd in Mayberry.)
  • Mark Madsen is cute.  (See, this is the kind of thing I would totally miss.)
  • Kevin Garnett is really hot!
  • Paul Davis is cute and consequently needs to play more.
  • Mark Jaric is cute - no wait, look at those beady eyes!  He's creepy.
  • Corey Maggette has some nice looking arms.  OK, even I noticed that one.
  • However, Corey's headband is too puffy.  Who knew?  Sil, that's who!

Thank you Sil, for opening my eyes to the 'game within the game.'  Next time you visit, maybe you and CW should go to a movie.