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The One-Dribble Rule

Art Thompson III wrote about the 'one-dribble rule' in this morning's OC Register:

A key reason for Kaman's success was he adhered to Dunleavy's one-dribble rule, which requires Kaman to make his move to the basket or attempt his shot after making one dribble. The ball is often stripped away from him when he overdribbles.

Its the first time I've seen a reference to an actual 'one-dribble rule' for Kaman, but it's a good idea.  In fact, it's something that I advocated back in November:
He needs to catch the ball, and make his move, or if it's not there, kick the ball back out.  If he ever takes more than one dribble, something is wrong.

Speaking of Kaman, the same article included this quote from Chris:
The old ball helps out a lot. I really like that ball. Not trying to say anything bad about the trash ball they had before but I'm used to the leather ball more and I'm glad that they brought it back.
I certainly think he looks more comfortable with the new ball.  And I'm glad he decided not to say anything bad about the trash ball.