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Tape Delay on Friday

Apparently, the good folks at KTLA can't bear to screw up their afternoon programming, so when the Clippers and Wizards tip off at 7:00 Eastern, they'll be showing their usual episode of Reba at 4:00 Pacific.  Then another Reba at 4:30.  Then My Wife and Kids at 5:00.  The game will finally be shown at 5:30, an hour and a half after the actual start.

Now, I know the Lakers' telecasts have been this way for years, but frankly, it was yet another reason to be a Clipper fan.  I have a TiVo (so I can watch it when I want to if you'll just start the damn thing) and I have access to the internet (so I can find out about the game even if you don't tell me).  I know the game is on.  Forcing me to watch it in tape delay is simply wrong.  

I suppose they know their business better than I do, and I know they think they're going to get better ratings if they wait for everyone to get home from work on Friday.  But it's 2007.  It seems to me that actual fans are going to be peeved that it's delayed (like me), while the rest of the population probably isn't going to watch anyway.

The worst part is, I can't even watch the beginning of the Spurs Mavs game on ESPN.  They'll give me a half time score from the Clippers game, and we can't have that.