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Marc J. Spears on the Clippers

My sister in Denver turned me on to this brief Clippers item by Marc Spears from Saturday's Post:

Los Angeles has no chemistry, lack guards who can dribble or penetrate, is poor defensively and is playing selfishly. The big men aren't blocking shots anymore. Entering Friday, only Charlotte (.299 percentage) and Sacramento (.305) were shooting worse from 3-point land than the Clippers (.306). Brand is also tired from playing with Team USA in the 2006 world championships in Japan. Other than that, things are great.
His timing could be better.  He singles out their poor shot-blocking just as they started a block-party.  And I'm not sure how he can call the Clippers 'the NBA's biggest disappointment' elsewhere in the article when the defending champion Heat have a worse record.  I guess we should be flattered that he thinks the expectations were that high.

So, seriously, thanks Kelli.  I probably would have been ok not knowing that it's once again open season on Clippers jokes in Denver.  I hope it snows on you.  A lot.