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Latest Maggette Rumor

The latest rumor has Corey Maggette and Cat Mobley being 'linked' to Vince Carter of the Nets.  This one isn't even worthy of being called a 'trade rumor'.  When I Googled Carter and Maggette today, I got this Maggette bio from a 1999 Mock Draft in which a scout described Maggette as a 'less polished Vince Carter.'  So there you go, they are linked.

Actually, the source of this rumor is Mitch Lawrence in yesterday's NY Daily News.

According to one Western Conference executive, "The Nets are trying to do everything they can" to make a move that will jumpstart their season." The executive said that they would even deal Jason Kidd if the right trade came along, although his age and contract make him difficult to move. Vince Carter has the most appeal, although he can opt out of his contract after this season. Carter's name has been linked to the Clippers, who are trying to move Corey Maggette and Cuttino Mobley. But the Nets don't see them as a sufficient upgrade.

Art Thompson III included it in his Clippers write-up in this morning's OC Register, but only from a sense of obligation, in the 'here's the latest crazy Maggette rumor' vein, kind of like I'm doing.

The Clippers would have to at least consider this deal, but there's no way the Nets would do it.  This is just a case of people seeing that the Nets are struggling, knowing that the Clippers want to trade Maggette, and therefore putting the names together.  Might was well Google them and reference a scouting report from 1999.