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Contest Entries now Closed!

The entry portion of the Clipper Fan Moments contest is now officially closed!   Thanks to everyone who participated.  It's been great fun reading the various experiences of Clipper fans, on their journey to supporting the ultimate underdog.  

If you haven't already, you should read them all.  Most of them are pretty short, but they're all worth the time.  It's entertaining and also important because you'll soon be asked to vote for your favorite stories in order to determine a winner.  

Here is the full list of entries:

Here's what happens next.  We have 15 entries total (I know, I know, Googs' time stamp is 12:08 and the contest ended at noon, but he clearly started typing before noon, so he's in.)  We'll have three polls of five entries each for the first round of voting.  Since there are prizes for first and second place, the top two vote getters from each poll will advance to a final poll.  The top voter getter there will win the first prize of a pair of tickets to the Sonics game on November 4th.  The story with the second highest total of votes will win the second prize of a pair of tickets to the pre-season game against the Suns on October 18.  Tickets are courtesy of Barry's tickets.

The groupings have been chosen randomly.  If you're curious, my friend Silvia drew 15 pieces of paper numbered 1 to 15 and put them into three separate bowls.  Although Silvia does not work for Price-Waterhouse, she does watch the Oscars most years, so I figured she was qualified for this task.

The first round of polls will begin today.  Group 1 will be today through Thursday.  Group 2 will be Friday through Monday.  And Group 3 will be next Tuesday, Oct. 9 through Thursday, Oct. 11.  The six finalists will go into the final poll on Friday, Oct. 12, and the voting will go until Wednesday, Oct. 17.  We have to finish by then so that the second place winner can go to the game on Thursday Oct. 18.  The second place winner will pick up there tickets from Barry's offices near Staples Center.

That's it.  Thanks for the great stories, and everyone please vote in the polls to help us determine the winner.  By the way - you're all on the honor system.  It's a pair of tickets - no ballot box stuffing, please.