My Clippers moment

Being a Clippers fan living in Ohio should qualify me for a prize off top!  All kidding aside, I don't really have a moment per say.  I guess it just came down to me looking in the paper one day as a 9 year old and picking out the Clips as "my team".

I've been to the "Gund" (Cavs) and the "Q" (Cavs) and have heard all the nasty comments about being a Clippers fan. Of all the times I've been to a Cavs/Clippers game only one time have I seen the Clips win.  A few years back when McGinnis was the PG. I believe it was a Sunday afternoon game. After waiting all those years I finally was able to give it back to those "loyal" Cavs fans.  Trust me, I go to every Cavs/Clippers game in Cleveland (I live 1 hour away from the arena) and for that one night it was so wonderful.

I've never rooted for the Lakers or Cavs.  It's always been the Clippers.  I've chanted for coach Fitch to put in Eric Riley at the end of a Clippers blowout loss to the Cavs.  I've walked into Cavs Town (Cavs gift store) and asked if they had any Clippers stuff...I got laughed at.  I've walked into mall sports stores and asked about Clips stuff and the guy said.."the Clippers aren't even the second best team in LA..the Lakers then the Sparks..that was an intresting one.  I'm a Clippers fan thru and thru.

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