My Clipper Moment

Ok ClipperSteve, I'll thrown my hat into the ring (so to speak)

A few years ago on my way home from work, I'm in the car listening to Mel Proctor call the game(remember him?). Clippers are on the road against the Kings. We're up big because I have my lucky red CLIPPERS cap on.

Anyway, I see a car stranded on the left-turn lane near the intersection. Its emergency lights are blinking. I pull up next to the guy, ask if he needs a jump or something. He says yeah, so I come back around and maneuver towards his ancient Prelude, hook up the jumper cables and bring his battery to life again. No big deal, just trying to be decent, you know?

Rather than showing polite grattitude, he has the nerve to start busting my chops about my hat, telling me it's a Laker town, Clippers suck etc.

Clippers end up losing on a Mike Bibby dagger. I've stuck to my lucky blue CLIPPERS cap after that.

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