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Future Stars

I love - ell oh vee ee - LOVE methodical analysis.  Not that I think it proves anything or is infallible by any means.  But rather than just stating your opinion ('Amir Johnson is going to be a star in the NBA'), define your terms, show me your analysis, and make your point.  I might agree or disagree, but unless I simply don't accept the premise, at the very least I'll have a little something to think about.

Dave Berri over at Wages of Wins recently posted an analysis of future NBA stars.  Check it out for all the details, but suffice it to say that his methods seem solid (depending on your opinion of his Wins Produced stat, of course) and the results are interesting.

Here's the sad, sad, Clipper-centric angle on this story:  in his list of Distant Future Stars (players that were productive in very few minutes), tied for third, is one James Singleton.  This is not news to those of us in ClipsNation.  What is amazing however is that not only is he NOT on the Clippers anymore, he's not even in the league.  

As an addendum, I was looking for James on the Tau Ceramica roster (I posted that he had signed there back on August 6) and did not see his name.  Does anyone out there have any news about Jumpin' James?