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Filed under: Pacific Division Preview

The basketball section of is running a series of Division Previews, organized by Dennis Velasco.  The Pacific Division was posted a couple days ago, including a Clippers preview by yours truly.  The other previews come from a veritable who's who of Pacific Division bloggers and friends of ClipsNation - Tom Ziller from SacTown Royalty, Atma Brother #1 from Golden State of Mind, Kurt from Forum Blue and Gold and Dan (formerly of Bright Side of the Sun) now of the actual Phoenix Suns.  Check out the previews.

The somewhat unfortunate thing about writing for other sites is that the immediacy of the interwebs, which is what makes it so great, is lost a little.  It becomes more like a publishing cycle, where I have to get my piece to Dennis, and he has to reformat it some, etc.  So I'm mortified to have a Jared Jordan reference in the preview, lo these 14 days after Jordan has been traded - if it was my site, I'd just redact that line right out of there.  I used to cringe reading the Sports Illustrated NBA preview issue - I mean, I gobbled it up of course, but the stories seemed like they had been written months before.  Guys were listed as being key contributors that weren't even on the squad.  Oh well.

The other thing that becomes way too obvious on joint projects like this is just how much I love to hear myself talk (or is it watch myself type? read my own writing?  Whatever.)  Everyone else has like a page or two, but not me.  I have to cover every last point and take up five pages.  I guess that's another thing I like about the new media versus the publishing model - no editors.