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The Clipper Fan Moments Contest is Officially Over!

Well, after several weeks, 15 entries and 2 rounds of voting, we have a winner in the Clipper Fan Moments contest.  In a very close final vote, Citizen Clippers8200 barely nosed out Citizen benoit benjamin by a mere 4 votes!

Clippers8200 gets himself a pair of tickets to the Clippers game on Sunday, Nov. 4 against Seattle and benoit benjamin gets a pair for tonight's pre-season game against Phoenix.  Tickets are courtesy of Barry's Tickets.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  It was a fun, bonding experience and it helped me pass those long, long weeks of the off-season.  I mean, look - here we are in the middle of pre-season, a mere 12 days from the beginning of the NBA season, 15 days to the Clippers first game.  I think I'm going to make it.