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Curioser and Curioser

This is becoming a trend.  

The Clippers declined to exercise their third year option on Yaroslav Korolev, and he became a free agent at the end of last season.

Then, it was reported that he would sign a minimum deal with the team, and would play with them in Summer League.

Summer League came and went without a Korolev sighting, and no contract announcement either.

Then, after filling the roster with free agent forwards Josh Powell and Ruben Patterson, it was widely assumed that the team was done with the Russian.  Indeed he was rumored to be working out for other NBA teams, or possibly going to Europe to play.

Just when everyone thought it was all over, last week the local beat writers reported that Korolev would be in training camp with the team.  Although it was clearly a long shot, the assumption was that he had no better offers, so he would compete for a spot on the roster that would come only at the expense of another player's guaranteed contract.

So today comes yet another twist.  The Clippers training camp roster was announced, and no Korolev.  I got the email today; I assume it will be on soon.  It's all the names you are expecting, plus Marcus Douthit and Kimani Ffriend.  No Dan Dickau as of yet.

I suppose if Korolev was on the Summer League roster, but never actually played, the opposite could happen in pre-season; he could be left off the roster, but play anyway.  But it's strange.

How many times are we going to get mis-information about this guy?  What the heck is going on?