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The Broadcast schedule

We finally get to watch the Clippers on TV tonight, if only because the Lakers are always on TV.  In the 'championship' of the Lakers Shootout, the Clippers face the Lakers at 7:30 on the Purple and Gold floor.  It's a good news, bad news, worse news thing:  good news = Clippers on TV; bad news = Joel Meyer; worse news = Stu Lance.

I've ranted in the past about the inanity of broadcasting College Timbersports or yet another repeat of the Angels game on one of the 10 or so sports-only stations on the air, when perfectly good basketball was being played in Europe.  And Citizen cabezadeknuckle raised the same question regarding the absence of the Clippers' pre-season games from the airwaves.  But it's worse than that.  There are actually six regular season Clipper games that will not be televised this season.

Of course, compared to even a few years ago, 76 out of 82 games on TV is a bloody luxury so I guess I shouldn't complain.  But it still seems shocking that given the number of sports only stations, including two stations completely dedicated to Southern California sports, not to mention a broadcast TV partner in KTLA, that NBA basketball would not warrant coverage.  

There's no rhyme or reason to the games not covered.  One is at home and five are away (at least I can buy tickets to the home game).  Two are on a Friday, the others are on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  It doesn't seem like KTLA would have anything more compelling to cover on Monday Feb. 11th at 5 PM, does it?  Reba?  My Wife and Kids?  Why would they show the Clippers from New York on Monday Feb. 4th and not show them from Milwaukee on the 11th?  What am I missing?

Sure, there's hockey and college basketball to cover as well.  But a quick look at the schedules for Kings and Ducks hockey, UCLA and USC basketball reveals only a couple of conflicts.  Take the game on December 12th in Charlotte.  A 7 PM Eastern tip off (4 PM Pacific), I see no reason that Prime Ticket couldn't cover it and then cover the Ducks game at 7 Pacific.  And no, there's no Pac-10 basketball that day.  So what exactly is Prime Ticket planning to cover?  Long Beach State hoops?  Pepperdine women's hoops?

Maybe it's a cost saving measure.  But if you're covering the game in New Jersey on the 11th, and you're covering the game in Memphis on the 14th, why wouldn't you cover the Charlotte game in between?  I looked at a map.  Charlotte is on the way!  Stop on by.  Enjoy some southern hospitality.  It's a nice place, or so I'm told.

I'm sure there are issues I simply don't understand factoring into these decisions, but it sure seems like a TV channel dedicated to covering sports in Southern California would be interested in an NBA game featuring one of the local teams.  Or is that too obvious?

To add insult to injury, at least half of the six games left off of the Clippers' broadcast schedule appear to be missing from the opponents broadcast schedule as well.  So that means no League Pass, you can't go watch it in a sports bar - you simply can't see these games.  (Although I'm sure there will be highlights on ESPN - there are cameras in the building - WHY CAN'T I WATCH?!)  

Oh well, I guess I should just be happy for the 76 games I will get to watch on TV.  And for the one pre-season game tonight.  Even if I do have to listen to Stu Lance.