some quick notes

hey clipper steve i await your insightful analysis. these are just some things i see now that the clippers are in action. thornton dickau and tim thomas and casell will give the clips the outside shooting they need this season. thorntons stroke is sweet and he seems comfortable with the nba 3. i know it's preseason but jordan farmar was the most dominant player on the floor tonight. paul davis looks good. finally, now i know why korolev isn't going to make the team. he's slow, he turns the ball over he can't hit from outside consistently, he hasn't improved in 3 years...oh wait that's sasha vujacic. you'd think if dunleavy wants him on the team he would put him on the floor. there was even a diaz sighting in garbage time. why invite the guy to camp if you're not going to let him win a spot. like many of md's decisions this is a mystery.

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