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Brand's Foot is Set Free

Elton Brand went back to the doctor today and the news was good.  He was allowed to remove the walking boot that has been protecting his repaired Achilles, and cleared to begin more advanced rehab.  Here's the full text of the press release:

Los Angeles Clippers' forward Elton Brand had his surgically repaired left Achilles tendon re-examined today by Dr. Craig Morgan at Christiana Care's Wilmington Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware. During the examination Brand was advised by Dr. Morgan that he no longer needed to remain in the walking boot he has worn since September 18th.

Brand has been cleared to take part in advanced cardiovascular work which includes elliptical and treadmill cardiovascular conditioning in addition to aqua-therapy. Brand will also continue his upper body strength program and localized rehabilitation of the injury. He will be re-evaluated by Dr. Morgan in six weeks to determine further progress and treatment protocols.

Brand originally sustained the injury during his daily workout on Friday, August 3rd at the Spectrum Club South Bay in El Segundo, California. Dr. Morgan performed the surgery to repair the injury on Tuesday, August 7th.

For what it's worth, the original plan was for Brand to be in a cast for 6 weeks, and in the walking boot for another 6 weeks.  His cast was removed right on schedule on Sept. 18, but he's a week ahead of schedule at this point, having been in the walking boot for five weeks.  I don't want to read too much into that, but I'd rather he be ahead of schedule than behind schedule.