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A Headscratcher - Knicks Waive Jared Jordan

It's unlikely that anyone can figure out what the Knicks are thinking at any given time.  Still, why would you trade for a guy on Sept. 30 just as training camp is starting, play him 27 minutes in the pre-season (that's 27 minutes total, mind you), and then waive him 25 days after you traded for him?  I mean, sure, they traded 'cash considerations' for him, and of course that means it's just money they lost in the deal, and we don't even know how much.  What is money to the Knicks anyway?  But still.  By Sept. 30, don't you have some idea of what your team needs are?  And if you think you need a pass-first point guard, and you go to the trouble of acquiring him, wouldn't you, I dunno, PLAY THE GUY IN PRE-SEASON?!?!?  The most minutes in got in any pre-season game was 10, and he recorded 4 assists in that one.  And then there was the game Stephon Marbury sat out, and Jared played 4 minutes.  4 minutes!  With the starter sitting out!

Yes, the Knicks have Marbury and Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson... but they've had all those guys since before Sept. 30.  I really don't understand it.

It's no secret that I think Jared Jordan is the real deal.  I started talking about him before the draft, and was very happy when the Clippers (listened to me and) took him with the 45th pick.  The consolation to the trade was the implication that Isiah really liked the guy and he'd have a chance to stick on their roster.  But he did not really get a chance.  Not in 27 pre-season minutes.  Jared Jordan may get another shot at the NBA, maybe even with the Clippers.  They liked him well enough to draft him - he'll be on their radar.  

The real question is, are the going to lower ticket prices with the money the Knicks gave them?

Hat tip to Citizen Lawler's Law who posted this in a diary.