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The Season Starts When?

Yeah, yeah, I know.  It's the first day of the season and I haven't posted anything yet.  No Clipper a Day.  No Kobe Bryant rant (always good for page views).  Zip.  

I have some very good excuses.  

  1. Volunteered in ClipperZoe's classroom this morning.  Correcting the spelling of third-graders takes time.
  2. Regina Spektor concert tonight.  I had to get some other things done before I leave for that.  (Second concert in a month - it's like I'm a college kid or something.)
  3. Clippers don't play until Friday; my season starts then.
Here are some things I plan to do really, really soon.  
  • Kobe Bryant rant - anyone else find it comical that he only wants to be traded to a contender, up to and including the point where he would veto a trade that included TOO MUCH going to the Lakers because it would hurt his new team's chances?  Maybe we should just ask him whom exactly he would like his teammates to be?  It would be a real time-saver.

  • Stats, stats, stats.  I like to think of myself as plenty stat-savvy, but it's amazing what's going on out there right now.  Recent interesting tidbits include the KnickerBlogger's stat primer (hat tip to Henry at TrueHoop), an attempt to create an adjusted plus/minus (TrueHoop again), and the Win Score site that John R turned us onto in the comments of a recent post.  I have to take this stuff in small doses or my head starts to hurt.

  • Game threads.  I have some questions for you, my beloved citizens, as regards the value of game threads, and how best to approach them.

So, I realize that I haven't really written anything here.  I just wrote about what I want to write about.  But maybe it'll force me to get on this stuff.  If any particular topic seems fascinating to you, let me know.  

And of course there will be a Clipper a Day post at some point today.