it's not you it's me

okay i know i'm the most negative poster on this site. maybe it's because i'm a fan in the 'i support you no matter how many blown leads, bad shots, unwise draft picks, non trades etc. and not in the self delusional 'this is our year' 'we can do it' kind of way that i think the clippers are going to be not very good for a while. as charles barkley says, i may be wrong...
but good teams have continuity. they return all their starters from the previous season not just 3 of 5. fans seem to think you can just throw 5 guys together and they will figure it out but that's not the way it works. the clippers plan is to take two guys who were coming off the bench last season and make them starters (okay corey should have been starting). casell is back but does anyone think he will be better than last year. chris kaman already injured himself getting off the bus to santa barbara. fans think liv coming back will be a huge boost but remember last year? he was supposed to be the starter and sam was going to come off the bench but he wasn't ready. is a year of rehab going to make him a more consistent scorer? a more aggressive point guard? fans examining the clippers roster should realize that tim thomas is on the clippers for a reason, brevin knight is on the clippers for a reason, dan dickau is on the clippers for a reason and that reason is not a good one, not a winning a bidding war kind of reason more like a washed up on our shores after they were bought out of their contracts kind of reason. so all i'm saying is we'll see what happens when the games start but don't start counting victories in the schedule. you only have to remember the last game of last season to realize that the clippers have the ability to play down to any level of competition now matter how low.

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