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Totally Off the Subject

If you've read ClipsNation for awhile, you're aware that I'm into a thing called canyoneering.  If you don't know what canyoneering is, I like to describe it as rock climbing in reverse.  Instead of hiking to the bottom of a cliff and trying to get up to the top, you hike to the top of a canyon, find a place to drop in, and then find your way down to the bottom.  Canyoneering usually involves harnesses and ropes, rappelling down the larger drops.  But canyoneering itself is simply the act of getting into a canyon, and then getting back out.  

My friend Nick was recently featured in a video about canyoneering on  Nick works for an outfit called Zion Adventure Company, and he was my instructor when I first learned in June 2006, but now I'm lucky enough to call him my friend.  Since he first taught me, I've been canyoneering with him here in Southern California and a couple of times this summer back in Zion.  When he came out here last year, he even went to a Clippers game with me!  (Unfortunately, those Utah guys have a nasty habit of referring to the canyons around here as 'cute' but it is true that they pale in comparison to the Zion canyons.)

Anyway, if you've been curious about ClipperSteve and his 'canyoneering' talk, check out the video.  It's pretty interesting, and certainly describes canyoneering better than I can with a keyboard.  And if you have any interest in the sport, I can highly recommend Zion Adventure Company.  Ask for Nick, and tell him you're a friend of ClipperSteve's.