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Where the Clippers REALLY Lost That Game

I was a little unfocused writing my recap yesterday.  The lack of a TiVo reference may have knocked me off my pins a little (like Kevin said, "No TiVo.  No comment.")

And the ClipperWidow's comments about Joey Crawford were certainly fascinating, so that became the lede.  But it probably shouldn't have been.

As the Clippers were mounting their comeback, they scored on four out of five possessions, and got good shots on others.  The crowd was incredibly energized, and all the momentum belonged to LA.  After Wade made his first tough pull-up, giving Miami the 92-90 lead, the team came down and although Brevin Knight's initial shot was not close, he knew that, followed it, got the board and fed Kaman for the dunk.  Momentum still with LA.

After Wade made his second tough pull up, the Clippers had one of their worst possessions of the night (and there were some bad ones).  At the time, down two with less than two minutes to go, the Clippers seemed to be in control.  They were getting good shots, while Miami was struggling.  They brought the ball down, wasted some time figuring out what set they wanted to be in, and eventually Maggette and Kaman ended up on the right wing.  Kaman held the ball up top, and tried to get the ball to Corey on the post up, but it wasn't there.  At one point, Haslem was hedging all the way into the lane on the weak side looking to help against Maggette, leaving Tim Thomas (who had just made 2 huge threes) all alone at the arc, but Kaman was so tunnel visioned on Maggette that it didn't even occur to him to go to Thomas.  And everyone was standing.  It seemed like Kaman held the ball there for an hour, but given the reality of the 24 second clock, it was probably shorter than that.  Finally, with about 3 seconds on the clock, he passed to Maggette near the baseline who was forced into a contested jumper.  Just a miserable possession at a critical time.

The offense had been flowing, the team was getting good shots, and the building was rocking.  The defense had held Miami to two tough Wade makes in about 5 minutes of clock time.  But on that one offensive possession, things changed.  Although they got some more good shots, the Clippers did not make another field goal.