Well, there is always tomorrow


The Suns had a simple game plan:  pressure Chris Kaman.  

It worked, forcing the Clippers center into a paltry 4-17 shooting and five turnovers in what is likely his worst performance of the season.  He added 9 rebounds to his 9 points, ending his streak of 12 straight double-doubles.

Amare Stoudamire put up All-Star numbers of 30 points, 15 rebounds and 4 blocked shots - in only 28 minutes of play.  

The Suns had 18 turnovers and only hit six 3 ptrs, but shot 53% from the floor.  Nash had 12 assists, but only 9 pts.  Marion and Barbosa didn't exactly light it up, but Grant Hill was 7-10.

Overall, it was a pretty modest game by the Suns.  So what happened?  The Clippers sucked.

Couldn't hit shots (37%), and couldn't make stops.  As long as teams are willing to give Maggette his 21 pts and lock down on Kaman, there is not much that the Clippers can do.  

This Clipper team is a bad one because of injury.  This depleted squad is going to have trouble competing most nights.  I guess we'll have to just find the bright side.  Not much more to say.

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