Clippers vs Wolves - Open Thread

The Opposition -
Who are these guys?  Since trading away Garnett, the Wolves start Sebastian Telfair, Corey Brewer, Al Jefferson, Craig Smith and Ryan Gomes.  For comparison, in Summer League they started Randy Foye, Corey Brewer, Craig Smith, Rashad McCants, and Chris Richard.  McCants is getting 25mpg off the bench and Richard started their last game.  If not for tendinitis in Foye's knee, the Wolves would be their Summer League team and Al Jefferson.  They play young too at just 1-15 on the road.  11 of those losses have been in a row and we know how generous the Clippers have been in snapping streaks.  They have the worst point differential in the league at   -8.8.  Al Jefferson is their points and rebounds leader, averaging 20 and 12.

Early Tip -
If you plan to spend New Year's eve with the Clippers, its a 6:30pm start.

What's At Stake -
Corey's sanity - Maggs was clearly frustrated by the referees in the home-and-home with Phoenix.  Can he pull it together?
Sam's patience - What sort of soundbite can we expect from SamIAm if they don't win this one?
Everything - Any remaining hope of getting to 30 wins and beyond requires the Clippers to win these games.  Another close loss is not acceptable.

New Year's Eve Thought for the Day -
MADD is a fascist organization, so don't drink and drive.

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