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Clippers - Hawks Preview

Five reasons the Clippers will lose to the Hawks tonight:

  1. The Hawks beat the Clippers handily in Atlanta in January, without number two scorer and number one freak athlete Josh Smith.
  2. The Hawks are hot - they've won 7 of their last 12, including road wins over Phoenix and Golden State.
  3. The Clippers may be without Elton Brand, who is still trying to get over back spasms.  (Personally, I think they'd be crazy to play Elton in this game.  In the big picture, if you lose this game who cares.  But if Elton has over a week away from basketball from the Pacers game through the All Star break, he'll have a chance to get to 100% for a post All Star break push.)
  4. Zaza!
  5. The Clippers, in an extremely dubious marketing decision, will be wearing their RED uniforms in honor of Valentine's day.  By my count, the Clippers are 7-16 wearing red this season, compared to 17-9 wearing white (they lost in white at Phoenix in the first game of the season).  Maybe it's not very romantic of me, but Valentine's Day Schmalentine's Day!