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The Stakes are High!

SunsDan just doesn't have the same ring as ClipperSteve, now does it?

At any rate, Dan from Bright Side of the Sun and I have a bet on tonight's game.  The losing team's blogger has to write words of praise for the winning team.  To make it interesting, the margin of victory will determine the length of the post.  A one point win requires a one sentence post.  A thirty point win requires thirty sentences.

Little does he know, the Suns are my second-favorite team.  It will be neither unpleasant nor difficult for me to write about that team, even if the game's a blowout - besides, verbosity has never been a problem for me.  At least not the lack of it.

But imagine, if you will, a scenario in which the Clippers win the game.  After a sentence extolling the virtues of Elton Brand, he'll be stuck.  Although highly unlikely, imagine the Clippers were to win by 25 as they did in game 2 of last year's playoffs - the poor kid.  Oh the humanity!

One last thing - I meant to mention in my preview that this game is on TNT, where, as it happens, the Clippers are 2-0 this season.  Both games were thrillers that came down to the final seconds - Cassell's free throws with 12 seconds left beat Denver by one way back in November, while Cat's three in the final seconds beat the Nets last month.  Let's hope for a similar outcome tonight.  That way, I can revel in a hard fought win, without the guilt of causing a blogger in Phoenix to have a nervous breakdown.