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Putting the Dead in the Trade Deadline

Three trades.

4 guys who have more DNP's than games played this year.  

With rumors swirling around Jason Kidd, Pau Gasol, Vince Carter and Mike Bibby (and relatively big names necessarily on the other ends of those deals), we got Fred Jones, Juan Dixon, Anthony Johnson and Alan Henderson.


Not much to say about these trades.  Although it is hard to figure how Atlanta, who has little hope of making the playoffs this year, thinks Anthony Johnson is worth a second round pick.  And I guess it's nice for Fred Jones to be going home to Oregon, though it hasn't really helped Dan Dickau's career.  

And no deals for Maggette or Rebraca.  Strange to say the least.  With a completely dysfunctional team and locker room, it's hard to figure why the Clippers would not have done SOMETHING.  Maybe they think Von Wafer is the answer.