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Livingston Links

So far there is nothing new to report about Shaun Livingston's injury.  The Clippers have promised to make the information available as soon as the MRI and arteriogram results are in.  The hero of the night appears to be Dr. Steven Shimoyama, on of the Clippers' team doctors along with Dr. Tony Daly.  Shimoyama was able to pop the joint back together relatively quickly (a process called 'reduction'), alleviating the pain.  One wishes that the officials had recognized the severity of the injury and stopped play immediately, saving Shaun those 8 or 10 additional seconds of agony.

Here are links to the various articles from today's papers.

Jason Reid, LA Times:  Clippers Lose Livingston

Bill Dwyre, LA Times:  Just imagine Livingston's suffering

Art Thompson III, OC Register:  Livingston likely out for season

Joe Stevens, LB Press Telegram:  Clippers win, lose Livingston

Kevin Modesti, LA Daily News:  Another bad break for the Clippers

Here's the AP story, from

You can see video of the play on the Clippers web site, but I don't recommend it.