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The Official ClipsNation "Get Well Soon Shaun" Post

There's not much we can do, we Citizens of ClipsNation.  I know we all feel distraught for Shaun Livingston.  A mere 21 years of age, he has now suffered his second major knee injury.  By all accounts, Shaun is just a terrific kid, and this has got to be a crushing blow for him.  He will of course have the best care and treatment in the world, but it will be a difficult recovery.  No one really wants to consider the possibility that this injury could threaten or limit his career.  But of course that possibility is there, whether we consider it or not.

With the recent passing of Dennis Johnson; with the message delivered to the Clippers last week by Marines from Camp Pendleton who have served in Iraq; and now with this terrible injury - it's time for everyone to take a step back and get a little perspective.  We need to think of Shaun as a person, and not as an asset to the team we root for.

Please take a moment to leave a 'Get Well Shaun' comment on this post.  Will it do any good?  Will he ever see it?  I don't know.  But it's the least we can do.  Let's get some positive energy flowing for his recovery.  It couldn't hurt.

Get Well Soon Shaun.  From ClipperSteve