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Detroit Free Press Article

With the Lakers at the Palace tonight, and the Clippers there on Monday, the Detroit Free Press ran a piece about the differences between the two LA teams.  In an attempt to get more of a 'real' perspective, they solicited the input of bloggers.  No, ClipperSteve didn't get the call, but Kevin from ClipperBlog did his usual fine job.  On the Lakers side, it was the Kamenetzky's from the LAT Laker blog (which is a bit of an oxymoron - it really should be a fan blog, not a newspaper employee blog).  At any rate, it's a pretty good read.

KEVIN: (Listing reasons why fans attend Clippers games) 1. It's a much cheaper ticket. Most Clipper season-ticket prices are about half of what they run for the Lakers. 2. You're not an L.A. native, and you have spent most of your fan life despising the Lakers and everything they stand for. But you've made Los Angeles your home and you love basketball. 3. And this has become a huge factor in the past five years -- the hipster factor. Even though they've underachieved, the Clippers still have some serious cool cachet. It's still the contrarian kid's team of choice. 4. Underdog factor. I mean, what's the point of rooting for the Lakers? What's one more banner?