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Return of the F-BAC

It's clear that the Clippers would not have won last night's game in Cleveland if ClipperSteve, ClipperDarrell and Mama Daisy Brand were officiating - I mean, what could we do, call a lot of fouls on LeBron and get him out of the game?  He wasn't in the game!  Besides, I know I for one would not allow partisanship to sully my integrity as a referee - as for Darrell and Daisy, they'd do ANYTHING for a win.

At any rate, our friend and noted F-BAC, David Jones was there.  He called the third foul on Elton when Larry Hughes slipped coming across the lane although EB didn't touch him.  Seconds later Elton left the game with his fourth foul.  It was also the F-BAC who whistled James Singleton for the foul when Donyell Marshall flat missed a lay-up.  This call was particulary ludicrous.  Singleton is behind Marshall and Jones is behind Singleton.  He obviously didn't foul him with his arms, so if there were any foul, it would have been with the body, and the F-BAC literally could not have seen it without X-ray glasses.  Instead, he blew the whistle about 3 seconds late based solely on how badly Marshall missed the shot, despite the fact that he had the worst possible angle on the play, worse than either of the other two refs.  Finally, there was the play where Wild Thing Varejao almost dislocated Elton's shoulder with a crazy swing across both of his arms, and no foul was called.  Of course, all three refs are to blame for that one, but I like to think that the F-BAC is somehow more culpable.