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Iverson to skip All-Star Game?

According to the Denver Post, Allen Iverson is contemplating skipping the All Star Game next weekend to rest his sprained ankle.  Iverson played for the first time in 10 days last night, but re-aggravated the ankle and is probably going to miss a couple more games.  If the ankle doesn't get better, he says he'll sit out the ASG because he's 'been there, done that.'

If he does step down, it will be good news for David Stern and Elton Brand.  The choice for replacements would be pretty obvious if there were three players to replace (Yao and Boozer are also expecting to miss Vegas).  It would also make it a lot easier to put Carmelo on the team and have one Nugget in the game, avoiding the obvious hypocrisy of having two players from one team hovering around .500, while leaving home Brand based on his team's 'bad' (though identical) record.  

It's possible that Stern will feel compelled to replace Iverson with a guard, but as far as I know he is not required to.  As long as there are 4 guards on the roster, he can replace players with anyone he wants.  Although Ray Allen, Baron Davis and Zach Randolph are all having great years, their teams' struggles will open the door for Josh Howard, Carmelo, and Brand.