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Gone Camping

No, it's not a Kenny and Charles, eliminated from the playoffs, gone fishing thing.  I really am going camping this weekend with ClipperZoe and her Brownie troop.  Unfortunately, it's a busy weekend for the Clippers, with games Friday, Sunday and Monday.  I'll have previews on the site for all the games, but feel free to step up and write a game recap in the Diaries while I'm gone.  Talk among yourselves.  Discuss.

In particular, if anyone has NBA League Pass (or any citizens of ClipsNation in Indiana), you'll be able to see the Pacers game Sunday, while most Clipper fans will not, since it is not being shown on local TV.  So if you actually get to see the game, you should definitely step up and share a Diary with the rest of us.

See you Monday night.