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Clippers - Spurs Preview

For a preview of the Clippers versus the Spurs, see December 8th 2006, December 11th 2006 and March 5th 2007.  The Spurs have been beatable at times this season.  But not when they've played the Clippers.  And not lately.  And certainly not by this edition of the Clippers.  In 144 minutes of basketball, the Clippers have yet to lead the Spurs.  The teams have only been tied one time other than 0-0, and that was at 2-2 in the first meeting.  When the Clippers managed to cut the lead to 4 early in the second half last week, the Spurs calmly reeled off 16 straight.  In the first game the Clippers fell behind 10-2, and they fell behind 13-4 in each of the next two.  It's the Globetrotters and the Washington Generals out there.  Making it to the first TV timeout without a double digit deficit would be a moral victory.

As I mentioned last week, I'm not really sure why the Spurs are this good.  But they are.  And tonight they have Tony Parker.

If you're wondering why I never wager with Matthew from fellow SBNation site Pounding the Rock, there are a couple of reasons.  (1) I may be a fan, but I'm not an idiot.  Why would I take a bet I have no chance of winning?  (2)  Even if I did win, and he had to write something for ClipsNation, he's such a potty-mouth that it would disturb the family vibe we've got going here.