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Clippers - Rockets Preview

Here's what I said in my Clippers overview this week...

Given the Clippers' performance on the road and against good teams this season, the Texas swing is essentially lost already.

After last night's surprisingly un-abysmal showing against the Spurs, dare I upgrade the Clippers' chances tonight against the Rockets?  


With Yao Ming back for the last 5 games and Tracy McGrady playing great basketball, it's hard to imagine the Clippers being able to stay with the Rockets.  Not with their top two point guards gone.  (The Clippers have truly become pointless.)

Watch to see how Chris Kaman does against Yao - he's had nothing but trouble against the Great Wall in the past, though he did have a good game in their first meeting this season (and then he broke Yao's leg in the second game).  Watch to see who guards TMac (will MDsr go with Ross, or has he given up on his defensive stopper?)  Watch to see if Jason Hart can play beyond the first quarter of a game.  

But don't get your hopes up.