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Scoreboard Watching

It's a little early to be doing this, but with so many teams bunched around the Clippers, I really can't help myself it seems.

Sacramento figured out how to get a win - you just have to play a team that is falling even faster than you are.  They won in Orlando earlier tonight.

The Hornets lost in Washington, despite the absence of All Star Caron Butler.  That gives the Kings and Hornets identical 29-37 records, and they are both 1.5 games back of the Clippers.  

Two important games tip off in about an hour.  The Nuggets are hosting Phoenix and the really big one, the Warriors at the Sonics.  If the Warriors win, they move a half game ahead of the Clippers, at least until tomorrow.

Update [2007-3-18 0:37:42 by ClipperSteve]: The Nuggets DESTROYED the Suns (ahead by 38 after three quarters), and the Warriors got a one point road win in Seattle.  So the Warriors have the spot to themselves until and unless the Clippers beat the Nets.  BTW, what happened to Phoenix?  Apparently they used the rest of their season to win that 2OT Mavs game, because they've lost by 20+ in the 2 games since.