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Citizens of ClipsNation Arise!

I will be in Europe for the first two weeks of April, the first time that ClipperMax will return to France, the land of his birth (it's a long story).

Unfortunately, I will miss six games that will no doubt be CRUCIAL.  

In order to keep things moving forward here on Ye Olde Blogge, I am asking for volunteers to step forward and cover individual games.  In the past when I've been gone, I've pre-written game previews, and Citizen Todd has helped out as well.  But those times were of shorter duration, and at less crucial junctures of the season.  It's too much to ask Todd to cover the whole time, and these games deserve better than canned previews.  

There are six games out there.  Can we get six volunteers to handle one game each?  Is there someone just dying to step up and take a couple of games?  Let me know if you can help, either on a comment on this post, or by email to  

You can use the diaries for posting, and of course everyone is encouraged to post lots of diaries about anything of interest while I'm gone (as always).  But I'd prefer to have designees assigned to individual games, so we're sure they are covered and so we don't get dueling previews.  Also, both Laker games are on national TV, so you Citizens outside of LA can play along too.  I'll have some web access during my trip, so you may hear from me in comments from time to time, but it will be intermittent and limited.  I'll try to have someone promote game previews and game recaps from the diaries to the front page so that they get the exposure they deserve.

In this time of need, who among you will come to the aid of ClipsNation?  Remember, citizenship is a privilege, not a right!  

The schedule:

4/4  Lakers
4/7  Denver
4/9  at Dallas
4/10 at NOOCH
4/12 at Lakers
4/13 Portland

I'll be back for the Sacramento game.