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Clippers 102 - Jazz 70

From the comments, Citizen John R summed it up well: "So, uh... that happened."

Where the hell did that come from?  

I don't have time for a long post right now.  ClipperMax has a project due and needs the computer and the new laptop is on backorder.  So I'm stealing a couple of cycles here.  

But here are some quick thoughts:

  • The fear, after blowing the big lead in Milwaukee, was that the unfocused play would carry over.  No such problem.
  • Not only did they not have any Milwaukee hangover, they closed this one out impressively.  No second half letdown, no fourth quarter letdown.  Even the  mopup guys played well, which hasn't happened much this season.
  • Jason Hart is better than I thought.  He plays good defense, and gets a lot of deflections.  As much as MDsr digs on deflections, he must LOVE Hart.
  • The Clippers dominated across the board, but it started with the bigs, just as I predicted in my preview.  Once again Brand / Kaman were the best bigs in the league.  It certainly helped that Okur didn't show up, owing apparently to his lack of sleep waiting for his new baby.
  • Kaman still misses too many easy shots.  It's so tantalizing, because he makes a move that NO OTHER MAN HIS SIZE can make - gets right to the rim, and then misses a shot that I could make.  But he was a mutha on the boards tonight.
  • Go back to the Spurs game.  Regardless of whether they continue to play well to the end (far from assured), the solid play started in San Antonio.  Through the end, that would make 20 games, fully the final quarter of the season.  It took a while for sure, but a quarter of the season is significant.  Enough to scare, say the Suns.

Wizards tonight.  Caron Butler did not play in Oakland last night in the Warriors win.  Clippers need to keep the momentum going, because the Warriors are not going away.