From Elais Sports Bureau re: Maggette

And this in only 33 minutes

Take a look at Corey Maggette's line in the Clippers' 111-105 win over the Wizards: He scored 29 points in a game in which he was credited with only nine field-goal attempts -- none of them a 3-point attempt! Seven-of-nine shooting from the floor and connecting on 15 of 17 foul shots will do that for you; we checked the math ... it proves out.

You have to go back more than 25 years to find the last player who scored that many points in an NBA game in which he didn't make any three-pointers and finished with fewer than 10 field-goal attempts. That player was Bill Cartwright; playing for the Knicks on Nov. 17, 1981, Mister Bill scored 31 points on 6-of-7 shooting from the floor and a 19-of-19 performance from the line.

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