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Did Geoff Petrie Save the Clippers Season?

Lost in the discussion of Jason Hart coming to the Clippers is this interesting side note:  Why would the Kings do it?

Shaun Livingston's knee imploded on February 26th.  Sam Cassell is 37 years old and has battled various 37-year-old-type injuries all season.  The Kings waived Hart on March 1, in time for him to join the Clippers and qualify for their playoff roster, knowing full well at the time that the plan was for Hart to sign with LA.

Bear in mind also that on March 1, the Clippers held the 8th and final playoff spot in the West, and in theory the Kings were still chasing that self-same spot.  There were many other teams in the race, but the Clippers had to be considered the favorite until the Livingston injury.

So I'll ask again, why would they do it?  Obviously, there was a buyout involved, and although I have never seen any specifics, it couldn't have been for much.  Hart's contract with the Kings was for $1.68M and they waived him after 57 games.  By my math, if Hart gave them EVERY PENNY of the guaranteed money they still owed him, it would amount to a little over $500K.  The Maloofs spend that on Six dollar burgers every weekend if I am to believe the commercials (and Gavin's waistline seems to support it as well).

It seems unlikely that they did it out of the goodness of their hearts (no pun intended).

Either Petrie just had a senior moment and didn't realize what he was doing, or the Kings had already given up.  Because even if you think the Livingston injury was fatal to the Clippers, you don't take the chance that you're going to help a rival down the stretch.  You just don't.  Not to save $500K and help out Jason Hart.  

At any rate, thanks Geoff and Gavin and Joe.  It's working out pretty well for us so far.  How's it going for you?