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Guest Blogger Schedule

OK citizens - thanks for doing your part to help keep ClipsNation thriving while I take the ClipperWidow and the little Clippers to Europe.  

Here's the schedule I worked out based on the volunteers I got:

  • April 4 - A huge game against the Lake Show, the P&G, Kobe and the Kobettes.  One of those horrible 'home' games where about 75% of the crowd is chanting MVP for the (alleged) rapist on the other team.   Citizen mp will be covering this game that could be the spring board to catching the hallway rivals in the standings (or could end that dream once and for all).  I assume he'll be in the crowd, unless he decides to sell out to some mom on eBay desperate for Kobe tickets for Dylan's Bar Mitzvah.
  • April 7 - Equally huge, against the 'other' Western Conference team that remains vulnerable above the Clippers in the standings.  The Clippers have owned the Nuggets in recent years, particularly in games that really matter.  BUT, this is the first meeting with the Iverson-Nuggets, so it won't be a a simple matter of stacking the D to shut down Anthony.  If Melo can get himself ejected (a regular occurrence in Staples Center), it would be a big help.  Citizen Whaleritis will be watching from Stately Alf Manor in Oahu and bring his signature Dog Named Clipper style to a recap.  

  • April 9 - At Dallas.  On the schedule, surrounded by home games and road games against mediocre opposition, this one sticks out like an old guy's eyebrows.  This is one of the games remaining on the schedule that we should expect to lose.  And as the most likely first round opponent in the event the Clippers do qualify for the playoffs, the Mavs will doubtless be looking to send a message.  Is it already lost?  Or can the Clippers find the same Texas mojo that made the games in San Antonio and Houston close?  Can they even squeeze off a win and send a little first round message of their own, as they did last April in Phoenix?  Citizen John R hopes to overcome his OCD and have a recap posted on the interwebs within a week of the conclusion of the game.

  • April 10 - The hunter becomes the hunted.  The Clippers are chasing Denver and the Lakers, but the Hornets (and others) are chasing the Clippers.    With two remaining meetings (this one back in LA for the final game of the season), the Hornets hopes are more than realistic, but ONLY if they win this game.  The Clippers have dominated the Hornets this season, but had trouble with them last year.  It's possible that NOOCH's schedule (at SAS) and Chris Paul's foot will have dashed their hopes before the 10th, but if not, watch out for this one!  Whaleritis steps up for a second time to courageously cover this crucial contest.

  • April 12 - The hallway rematch, this time on the P&G floor with the Laker Whores Girls looking on.  If the Clippers win on April 4, it's a chance to tie the season series and maybe, just maybe, there's still hope of catching them for the City League title.  If not, it's a matter of pride to avoid the season series sweep, an indignity that Torsten the Great would never allow Lerner to forget, forcing him to leave his comfortable life amid the Thousand Oaks and move to Nepal to search for inner peace in the shadow of Chomolungma.  Citizen Todd will therefore analyze this game with particular urgency.  

  • April 13 - The lone game in this stretch NOT against a playoff team or playoff hopeful.  Well, I suppose the Blazers still hold out some hope, but 5.5 games back today and needing to pass five other teams to get there, the playoffs are in fact out of reach (CoolStandings has it at 1 chance in 1000).  This game is actually very scary.  With the Clippers back at home against a team they're supposed to beat, it's a trap game if ever there was one.  The Blazers are young and talented - we better not take them lightly.  Citizen mp returns to recap this one.  

There it is - a crucial six game stretch that could determine the fate of the Clippers this season.  And a veritable 'Who's That? Who' of guest bloggers bringing it to you.  

Guest bloggers - if for whatever reason you can't take a game on the schedule above, let me know and I'll try to get someone else to cover it.  I took the liberty of assigning whaleritis and mp to two games each - let me know if I presumed too much in doing so.  Likewise, if you're good to go, a quick comment below stating thusly would be great.  Also, if you're not on this list and would like to be, let me know and I'm sure we can re-assign a game from one of the double-booked guys.  Zhiv?  UCLA will be done by then.  Will you be back?  SaxManager?  PipeDreams?  

You can do as much or as little with this as you like.  I try to post a preview and a recap of each game.  If you can do both, great.  If you just do a recap, that's great too.  If you ignore this completely and do nothing, you're dead to me, but that's OK as well.

Post everything to the Diaries.  Todd has the authority to promote things to the front page if he has the time.  But readers should obviously look in both places.