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It's Been a Strange Week in the NBA...

We've all watched a lot of basketball in our lives.  Sometimes you think you've seen it all.  But this week alone there were three plays that were unusual to say the least, and all three of them were game-changing.  At least one of them I can safely say I've never seen before.

It started Monday with the craziest play of all.  The Nuggets had a 3 point lead against the Pistons, inbounding the ball in their front court with 1.5 seconds left.  Now, it's not that unusual to get a tying three pointer with 1.5 seconds left if you have the ball.  And it's not ridiculous to get a five second count or a steal on an inbounds play.  And several times a season someone hits a shot from beyond half court.  But for all three of those things to happen on the same play?  Apparently thinking the game was over, Camby made a lazy pass, Melo made little attempt to catch it, and Rasheed Wallace intercepted and heaved in a 60 foot bank shot.  The Pistons ended up winning in OT.  I've certainly never seen it before, and I don't expect to ever see it again.

Then of course there was the play from the Clippers game against the Rockets where three refs flat missed the fact that Cat Mobley was shooting a three when he was fouled with 2 seconds to go in a three point game.  Sure, this one was not as bizarre as the others - really just a blown call.  But obviously it hits us a little closer to home.  And the situation could not have been much bigger.  I probably shouldn't even mention it, but if they get the call right and the Clippers manage to tie that game and win in OT, they're in seventh place TODAY.  Oh well.

And last night in Washington DC, our Nation's capital, the Raptors were down three with a couple seconds left and inbounding.  Trevor Ruffin intercepted the inbounds pass, and rather than holding on waiting for the foul, he threw the ball in the air thinking the clock would run out before it came back down.  But it didn't.  The ball landed in MoPete's hands, who made the game tying three, and the Raptors won in OT.  Big game too - the fall behind the Heat in the Southeast Division with the loss, which is a drop from 4th to 6th in seeding.

All this in the five days of basketball.