Why I love the Clippers and ClipperSteve

Carrying a life-long disdain for the L.A. Lakers, naturally opens a soft spot in one's hear for the L.A. Clippers. The current collection of Clippers offers plenty to "love" so let me count the ways.

  1. Elton Brand is like Seinfeld reruns, he's always on. Win or lose you can assume Brand will give you 20 and 10 with a couple of blocks. What's not to like? I'm sorry, love.
  2. Sam and Cutty. They may be past the highly productive point of their careers but they remain a pesky combo. They've offered me plenty of fantasy success over the years so I always enjoy tracking their box score lines.
  3. Chris Kaman. Sure he's been disappointing this year after cashing in, but he was HUGE last year bringing my fantasy team back from the dead. He sure looked good last night combining with Brand to dominate the Pacers in the paint. Still plenty of time for Kaman to be a difference maker in the Clips season.
  4. Corey Maggette. I mean the guy leads the league in trade rumors yet he keeps on playing, pumping in 15-20 points per. He was a matchup nightmare for the Pacers Satruday night.
  5. Will Conroy. I love the fact that the Clippers gave Conroy a chance to play with their depleted back court. He will simply do what he can to help the Clips win.

As for ClipperSteve, ya gotta love the way he carpet bombs the NBA blogosphere with all you need to know about the Clippers. But, there's more to love.

  1. ClipperSteve is smart enough to realize that Corey Maggette deserves the support of the Clips Nations and should play instead of be traded.
  2. ClipperSteve is always ready to exchange a little smack and defend his Clips against all insults.
  3. ClipperSteve has no problem taking down the glamorous Lakers in order to prop up the Clips stature in SoCal.
  4. ClipperSteve is nurturing ClipperMax and ClipperZoe into next generation Clippers' fan.
  5. ClipperSteve has developed his Clipper passion (obsession?) out of the ashes of several futile NBA seasons. For that alone, ya gotta love ClipperSteve.

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