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Home and Bleary Eyed

  1. I'm back.  Got to LAX around 4.
  2. I'm tired.  Been up since about 9 o'clock last night LA time, so going on 22 hours.  And that was after a very rough day driving from Paris to Frankfurt and seeing some sights along the way.  Working on about 4 hours sleep in the last 40 or so.
  3. Has anyone reflected on how incredibly lucky the Clippers are that the one and only tie-breaker they actually hold on the Dubs (Division record - they hold none on the Lakers) is the one that might get them in?  This in a league where Divisions are almost completely meaningless?  The NBA's essentially insane playoff logic might benefit the Clippers two years in a row.  Go figure.
  4. Beginning with last night's game against the Warriors, Sacramento plays three of their final four against the three teams fighting for the last two spots.  They have nothing to play for - Brad Miller sat out last night with plantar fasciatis and Mike Bibby played 26 minutes.  But don't you imagine they'll dig deep (I mean REALLY deep) if a win next Wednesday knocks the Lakers out?  Won't Miller's foot feel a little better for that game?  Won't Artest and Bibby come together in hatred for a common enemy in what will likely be their last game together?
  5. Speaking of the Clippers-Kings, consider this their game preview.  After snapping the losing streak and the road losing streak in the last two games against the Kings, the Clippers can win the Season series for the first time in 9 years with a  win in the matinee.  I'll be there (with the whole bleary-eyed family in tow, assuming we wake up).
  6. Clippers-Suns, Warriors-Mavs are fascinating games on Tuesday night.  The Suns may still have something to play for - they have a tough game tonight against a Utah team that has owned them this season, and another tough one at Houston Monday.  A loss in either of those will open the door for San Antonio to catch them for the 2 seed and home court in the second round.  Huge.  If the Suns have the two seed locked up by Tuesday, D'Antoni won't play Nash a minute - will he?  I wouldn't.  Mavs have already clinched home court throughout, BUT, with the Warriors as a potential first round opponent, with the Nellie history, and with the Mavs looking at a potential sweep at the hands of the Dubs, SURELY they'll want to win that game, just to send a message?  Won't they?  Rest guys against the Spurs, rest guys against the Sonics - but beat the Warriors.  Or are they confident enough to open the playoffs against a team they're 0-3 against in the regular season?