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Before I Forget...

ClipperSteve and ClipperMax at the castle in Heidelberg
I'd be remiss if I did not convey my sincerest thanks to everyone who helped out on ClipsNation while I was on vacation.

Citizens Whaleritis (aka Keith), mp, John R and Todd all pitched in to create 11 posts and 24 diaries while I was gone, and I even squeezed in 1 of each from Germany.  The bottom line is that the ClipsNation community kept the blog vital and interesting even in my absence; page views and visits remained consistent through the first two weeks of April.  I'm clearly gratified, as well as a little perturbed.  What the hell do you guys need me for at this point?

I really enjoyed all the posts.  It's great to experience everyone's individual styles.  MP is a very knowledgeable basketball writer, who also happens to be from Paterson, NJ, like Tim Thomas and Leon Kompowsky.  Sure, he forgot all about the Portland game, but it was pretty forgettable.  I hope that John R didn't fret too much over getting his post perfect.  I loved that approach - breaking down the Mavs losses.  And Todd and Torsten are always fun when it's Lakers and Clippers.  It goes without saying that all of you should be regular readers of 120 Proof Ball and of course of Keith's blog, A Dog Named Clipper.  I think Keith's been blogging Clippers longer than any of us - I know he's been doing it longer than me, and I think he beats out Kevin at ClipperBlog as well.  You gotta respect/pity the guy/fool who started blogging about the Clippers when Rick Brunson was the starting point guard.

At any rate, thanks again for the help.  The community is what makes a blog interesting.

As the season will likely be ending soon, I'm going to hold off on significant travelogue posts for a few days.  As a likely 'lottery blog' (that's what the other NBA bloggers at SBNation are calling me, the big meanies), I'll have some extra time on my hands soon enough.  But here's a picture of me and ClipperMax in Clipper regalia at the castle in Heidelberg.