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Rookie of the Year Vote

What's this all about?

OK Citizens, vote in the comments for NBA Rookie of the Year.  I would suggest something along the lines of:

  1. Paul Davis
  2. Will Conroy
  3. Guillermo Diaz (technically not yet an NBA player, but we'll make an exception)
Seriously, there's not going to be a lot of suspense on this one.  Brandon Roy's name says it all.  But it might be interesting to see who comes in second.  

Andrea Bargnani has come on strong, Rudy Gay has played well for Memphis, LaMarcus Aldridge played well when he played, and Adam Morrison has that funny little 'stache.  Hell, Fabricio Oberto is a starter on one of the best team's in the NBA - if the ROY vote were subject to the same unwritten rules as the MVP vote (player must play for a contender, etc.) Oberto would probably win in a landslide.  

Results will be posted on Green Bandwagon next Tuesday.  You have until next Monday at midnight to vote.