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Most Valuable Player

What's this all about?

OK Citizens, vote in the comments along with other SBNation readers for the NBA's MVP.

Much has been made over the years about what the award really means, or ought to mean.  I suppose since you now get a vote, you can use whatever definition you want.  We know that in practice, you'd better play for a great team.  A great player on a mediocre team, no matter how great he is, will not win an MVP award (sorry, Kobe).  That's just how it is, right, wrong or indifferent.

So we're somewhat limited here, to guys playing for Dallas, Phoenix and San Antonio.  Not that there aren't some good candidates on those teams as well.  And of course, like I said, you can play by your own rules.  Kobe was clearly the Most Unstoppable Player this season (the MUP).  But 42-40 is pretty much going to eliminate him from the 'real' vote.  Just as 40-42 eliminates Elton, although we know how important he is to the Clippers (hell, we lost at home to Atlanta without him).

The winner of the SBNation MVP vote will be revealed on Bullets Forever next Friday.  The Wizards won't officially be eliminated from the playoffs by then, but close enough.

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