Cheap Shot Rob

The buzz all over the Roundball-o-sphere is what will be the fate of Amare and Boris.  They left the bench.  "By rule" they must be suspended.  Noone asked, but if I was Commish, I wouldn't suspend any Suns.  The idea behind punishment, be it hoop or otherwise, is to discourage a behavior.  It is a disincentive.  The way the rules are written, there may be a significant problem.  Teams are actually incentivized to have a minor player provoke an incident.  If planned for, the reaction will be all on the other side.  What we need is a disincentive for this.  Here is how this disincentive should go:

1) If no Sun is suspended, Cheap Shot Fresh Prince should miss the rest of the series.  A 3 game suspension will be sufficient.  The message is sent: Do no provoke, only your team will lose.
2) If one or more Suns are suspended, Brob should be suspended for the remainder of the playoffs AND 5 games into the regular season.  Also, the Spurs should not be able to activate a player to replace him.  They should be forced to 11.  The same message is sent to both the player and team: You may get away with it, but the price will be high.  The team will lose a rotation player for a long time and the player will lose significant money by missing regular season games.

UPDATE:Evil wins! Flawless victory! Amare/Diaw out 1. Horry to miss 2. Seems just to me. I guess.

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