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SBNation News

For what it's worth, ClipsNation's umbrella entity (parent company isn't really right - extraterrestrial overlord?) SBNation has updated their home page.  It's pretty sweet.  Markos calls it our marble foyer - it's there to attract the big money people.  But you ClipsNation bums can go take a gander too if you like.

Also, the SBNation NBA Mock Draft is now underway.  Tom at Indy Cornrows is hosting, since the Pacers don't have a pick.  (I actually never really saw the logic in that - why would a guy whose totally left out of the festivities be the choice to host?  It's like having Tim Allen host an Oscar party.  Oh well, I didn't want the gig.)  

As a special added treat, since there aren't actually SBNation blogs for all of the NBA teams, we recruited some other bloggers, and for the few teams we didn't get covered, we recruited loyal SBNation readers/commenters.  Our very own citizen MP is representing Milwaukee Memphis, and has already drafted Mike Conley for the Bucks Grizz.  Well down, mp.  Hopefully the Clippers 14 pick will come up before I drop into a canyon in Utah and disappear for 5 days on Sunday.