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Echo Chamber

On the left sidebar or ClipsNation, there is a list of links to Clippers content found on the interwebs.  The list is generated automatically by a service called Topix.  I'm not clear on how Topix decides what it searches - mixed in with various MSM outlets you get a bunch of bloggers with no more credibility than... well... me.  About a week ago, a blogger at Daily Basketball asked me if I would write a Draft Preview for the Clippers.  I said sure, wrote it up, posted it here on ClipsNation and sent it off to Daily Basektball.  Topix then found  the post there and put a link on the sidebar.  So if you click on the 'Clippers Draft Preview' link on the sidebar of ClipsNation, you can eventually get to a post written by this guy Steve of ClipsNation.  

By the way, I really like the way that guy writes.  And he seems to know his stuff.  I highly recommend that you all read it.