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Draft Day Special Coverage 4

What are the Celtics/Sonics thinking?

I don't get it.  The Sonics two best players from last season, Allen and Lewis (sounds like a comedy team), play the 2 and the 3.  Durant was the obvious choice with the second pick, but it made for a log jam with Lewis, who needed to be traded.  So they trade Allen for the 5 pick and draft yet another 3?  What?

I mean, I know in today's NBA either Green or Durant can supposedly play the 4.  But c'mon... this is the Western Conference.  Which one of those guys is going to guard Elton Brand (or Carlos Boozer or Tim Duncan or or or or)?  

As for the Celtics, Ray Allen is a great player, but don't they need to start over?  Ray Allen and Paul Pierce might get you into the Eastern Conference playoffs - they might even get you home court advantage in the first round.  But that's it.  

I don't get this trade.  For either team.  Obviously Seattle has other things up their sleeve.