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Draft Day Special Coverage 5

1 - Greg Oden - Portland - duh
2 - Kevin Durant - Seattle - ditto
3 - Al Horford - Atlanta - maybe the Hawks should trade a forward
4 - Mike Conley Jr - Memphis - so many needs, this is one of them
5 - Jeff Green - Boston (traded to Seattle with Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West for Ray Allen) - I don't get this trade
6 - Yi Jianlin - Milwaukee - Try to get good Szechuan in Wisconsin.  Maybe he'll develop a taste for bratwurst.
7 - Corey Brewer - Minnesota - it's going to be a long season in Minny after KG goes.
8 - Brandan Wright - Charlotte - Another UNC guy.  What a shocker.
9 - Joakim Noah - Chicago - I hate to say it, but I agree with Stephen A.  Yet another high energy guy who can't actually score on the Bulls.  How many of those can you have?
10 - Spencer Hawes - Sacramento - A big white center with passing skills.  Brad Miller worked for them, so why not?
11 - Acie Law IV - Atlanta - The Hawks finally pick a point guard.  And take the Clippers choice.

Three Gators in the first nine picks.  Two Buckeyes in the top four.  Basically, if you watched one college basketball game last year, you'd probably feel like you know a lot about this draft.

Cook and Lewis and Green are all potential picks in this draft also.  Seems like those were a couple of pretty good college teams last year.